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Learn Web Development from your Home

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Learn Web Development from your Home - Digital Media Hub
19 September

Web Development is a professional career with lots of jobs coming on a daily basis. With over 70,000+ websites launched globally everyday, most of them are created by a professional web developer. This makes web development a profile which has a greater probability of ending up with a good job in your career.

Key Features

  • Industry Relevant Frameworks
  • Latest In-demand skills
  • Focus on practice (not spoon feeding)
  • Present day examples for better understanding
  • Focus on concept clarity

Course Highlights

  • Learn from working professionals with over decade of experience
  • Interactive live sessions not recorded videos
  • Free internship for eligible candidates

Course Introduction

Technology world is changing rapidly nowadays. As customers are getting more demanding, technology is continuously evolving to meet the expectations.

This makes being industry relevant a key skill. If you are doing something which is not needed by the market, you will face a tough time meeting your expectations despite having the skill set and efforts. On the other hand, if you are industry relevant, finding the right position will be a much easier affair.

If you refer to job portals, you can surely see the number of vacancies for PHP and PHP frameworks is at the top of the list. PHP has made its position from where it is among the most demanded technologies in web development. So it is true that If you attain necessary skills in PHP frameworks, you make your path to a decent career.

Keeping this factor in mind, we have designed this course where your eligibility is desire to learn and disciplined effort to practice. Our course includes:

  • Introduction to Web architecture
  • Web Layouting Basics
  • PHP and MySql
  • Wordpress
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel

Introduction to Web Architecture

Being an aspiring developer, it is conceptually important to understand how web and apps work. This module focuses on understanding the basics of the internet and how websites and apps connect with the internet and serve their audience.

Web Layouting Basics

A web developer works on UI provided by web designers. Understanding web layouting is very important to attain proper functionality is a customer approved UI. If you don't understand it clearly, then the final layout will not look as intended.


PHP is a server side technology which is powering more than 80% of websites as of now. Working in PHP helps you with logic or concept building.

MySQL is a database which is mostly used with PHP. It is very important to understand how data is stored or displayed. No website is complete without a data driven backend.


Wordpress is the most popular PHP Content Management Platform. Wordpress has undeniable involvement in present day website development. We help you understand the concepts so that you can make wordpress websites with ease.


CodeIgniter is among the oldest and the most popular PHP frameworks. With concepts of core PHP and the CodeIgniter framework, you can build custom websites for any type of industry. It can be websites for travel, shopping, blogs, booking systems, elearning etc.


Laravel is yet another PHP framework which has gained immense popularity in recent years. Being a framework it allows you to develop any type of website with your custom logic. Codeigniter and Laravel, both are very popular PHP frameworks with different architectures.

All these lay the right foundation for you as a web developer, from where you can start your professional career.

What can the Web Development Course do for you?

  • Build strong foundation for you as a web developer to help you build real world projects
  • Have foundation skills in Wordpress, CodeIgniter and Laravel so that you can start your career as a web developer
  • Attain hands-on experience so that you are able to use your knowledge
  • With this knowledge, you can not only work professionally but also take your skills to the next level by opting for a specialisation course in a particular framework.

If you have queries, or you want to discuss about your project, contact us and we will get in touch soon. You can directly call also at +91 88264 62389