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Why should you learn web development

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Why should you learn web development - Digital Media Hub
11 September


2021 is all about connectivity. Modern day websites and apps have made the world within reach of our devices. Future lies in connectivity and websites and apps are mediums to achieve that. Web development plays a key role in bringing such websites and apps to life.

Why should you go for web development?

As per a survey, an average of 70000+ domains are launched every day. Just imagine how much new work comes into the market everyday. This huge volume makes web development a lucrative and sustainable career. As people are getting more and more connected, new opportunities keeps on arising. So job opportunities in web development are in tons.

From where to learn web development?

A web developer faces new challenges every single day. Development is much about practice and less about theory. You should learn from someone who is actually into development. The person who is into full time development, can give you better insights and real life examples to the knowledge effectively.

In our learning program, our tutors are basically full time developers with over 15 years of industry experience. Learning from working professionals lets you stay updated and learn the skills with present time context.

Web development is not only about knowing what things are present or supported in any language, but it is more about learning a particular thing and then in which scenario and it can be used, what customisations can be done and how does that element interact with other elements on the page. To add more clarity, real world examples are provided, so that you can see real life usage of that concept.

Learning from recorded videos is an alternative but interaction is a vital part of learning. In our classes, you not only attend live classes where you learn in real time but you also get to ask your doubts. Participation is a definite boon to learning.

Which language should I learn in web development?

Almost 90% of online websites are made in PHP or a PHP framework. So for web developer career, PHP is a very good option considering the following reasons

  • Huge market share in terms of development
  • PHP is easier to learn and start building projects
  • PHP is freeware, so it doesn't need any licences.
  • Server cost for PHP websites is less as compared to .Net or Java

PHP is so dominant in web development, that many frameworks (codeigniter, laravel) and CMS (Wordpress, drupal, joomla etc) have evolved over time and have created their own markets.

In the present world scenario, Learning PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel and Wordpress can lead you to a job as a web developer. Thats the reason, our foundation course includes

  • Intro to Web and Web layouting
  • Intro to Javascript
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • Codeigniter
  • Laravel

Once you have your basics right, you can pick a framework and specialize in that. One important piece of advice. Technology world is the fastest evolving industry on the globe. New things are always coming into picture. So you have to stay updated. Emphasize on making concepts. Because If you develop your skills in logic building, then it is easier for you to migrate to other language as per time. But if your concepts are not right, then migrating to other language will be a nightmare

If you have queries, or you want to discuss about your project, contact us and we will get in touch soon. You can directly call also at +91 88264 62389